By Annette Hickey | 9 August 2018

SURROGACY:  Documents Required By Irish Consulate In Ukraine When Returning To Ireland

Surrogacy docs required in Ukraine

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  1. Irish Passports
  2. Marriage Certificate (if available)
  3. Irish Long Form Birth Certificates
  4. Other Documents
    (Affidavits etc) mentioned in Appendix 1 Of Guidelines
  5. Completed Irish Parents Passport Application
    This must be witnessed 4 Passport Size Photos Of Baby 2 of which witnessed by the same person witnessing the Passport Application. The witness must stamp the back side of 2 photographs, sign and add the passport application number.
  6. 1 Passport Size Photo For The Emergency Travel Certificate
    No need to witness
  7. Birth Certificate Of The Baby
    Original and a copy with English notarized translation
  8. Letter From The Clinic
    Or medical birth certificate of the baby
  9. Surrogate Agreement
    and a copy with English notarized translation
  10. Copy of Surrogate Mother’s Ukrainian Passport
  11. Copy of Surrogate Mother’s Spouse’s Passport*
    *if married
  12. Surrogate’s Marriage Certificate*
    *if married
  13. Surrogate’s Certificate of Divorce*
    *if available. Copy with notarized translation
  14. Affidavit From Surrogate Mother
    and a copy with notarized translation
  15. Affidavit From Surrogate Mother’s Spouse*
    *if married
  16. Affidavit From A Doctor
    The doctor who took the DNA samples
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Written By Annette Hickey

Annette was apprenticed with Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan and qualified as a solicitor in 1998. Having worked in all departments of the firm, Annette has exclusively practised family law in the litigation department for the past ten years.

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